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Marsden Gas IR System
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The Marsden Gas IR System is the only IR system, gas or electric, which reverts to a cool, safe shutdown in ONE SECOND.

MARSDEN: The Worldwide Leader in Process Heating Technologies

History of Innovation & Quality in Infrared Heating

Since 1976, Marsden, Inc. has delivered the most innovative infrared drying solutions to the paper, converting, glass, paint finishing, textile and other industries. Thomas M. Smith, the company founder, created Marsden in 1976 when he developed a proprietary drying technology called Embedded Combustion™.

This technology revolutionized drying applications by allowing heat to be transferred more efficiently, more safely, and more cost-effectively than ever.

More recent, second generation efforts have transformed the revolutionary technology to be applied to meet current customer project demands.

Implementation of professional engineering, 24/7 customer support, modern control interfaces, company owned and operated manufacturing facility efforts have been instrumental in cementing what was a blossoming technology to an ongoing, industry setting standard by which all others are measured.

Gas IR System & Infrared Heating Applications

Marsden products and services are utilized in a wide variety of industrial heating and drying applications all over the world. Whether it’s for preheating, coating drying, mass drying, or moisture profiling, for customized or for retrofit applications, Marsden systems set the standard for safety, performance, reliability and value.


Heats up to 1850°F+ in 5 seconds and cools to the touch in just 1 second

Gas IR Systems

Always the Highest Quality Heat Transfer Technology

With Marsden, every product and every system comes with a complete guarantee that backs up every claim we make. That’s what makes Marsden the worldwide leader in process heating technologies. Thanks to years of innovation and excellent customer service, the name Marsden has become synonymous with the highest quality infrared drying solutions. Our success is based on giving customers unparalleled service and support while also providing the industry’s safest, most effective, most efficient, and most environmentally-friendly products. Our commitment to quality is evidenced in the registration to ISO 9001 in 1996 and the ability to affix the CE Mark to our family of products.

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